About Active Solutions


Empowering your health through movement

Active Solutions is a lifestyle brand that embodies movement and strength. Our mission is to foster independence and continuity in your workouts by providing a brand that offers portable and versatile exercise products. Each of our products are lightweight and come with a travel bag making it easy to workout anytime, anywhere.

Our founder is a Registered Physiotherapist who has been studying human movement and function for years. She has 12 years of professional experience in the rehabilitation field working with a wide array of injured individuals. Through Active Solutions, her goal is to also reach out and help the non-injured population to be proactive and live a physically fit lifestyle. Using her extensive experience and scientific evidence, she has developed unique approaches to wellness. Ultimately, her vision is to expand her community to foster wellness through MOVEMENT.

Why Us: Active Solutions believes in building a community rather than just profit. On top of our premium product line, we want to offer you unlimited 100% free access to our live online exercise tutorials. Instead of being left to your own accord, we’re here to ensure that you maximize your results and use your products effectively to achieve your desired outcomes.

We look forward to helping you with your wellness journey!!